Sunday, February 3, 2013

Formspring Question - Is there something that excites you

I guess that question could mean a lot of things or be taken many ways.

I guess I could say that writing excites me... and so does watching adult movies.
But then I also enjoy a few toys and "jewelry"

For the most part, I guess there are many answers, depending on the nature of how I am reading this question.

What do you want to know?


I Feel Myself

I am lost and alone
I lay in bed and night and think of you.
It's been, what feels like ages, since you held me in your arms.
I remember the night you came home from your tour and you met me in the door.
You put me in front of your family as you stood their in your drabs.
I melt when I saw you, your smile, your strength, your being.
You took me in your arms and hugged me, your kisses were tender, and you held me so close.
I didn't want to let go or leave.
After all these years, we still live our lives, although very separate and very distant.
We think of each other but our schedules don't mesh.
It's been so long, months, at least a year, since you have held me close
and kissed me tenderly.
I think about how you touch me and kiss me.
I think about what we have shared and how you make me feel.
When my nights get long and I am lost, I close my eyes and think of you.
I think about how you make me feel and how you excite me.
I close my eyes and touch myself,
letting my touch be yours,
letting my heart race,
letting my body quiver.
You are the reason I touch myself.