Saturday, December 24, 2011

I confess... I went to the toy store yesterday

I haven't been in that store for so long... it was kind of a rush to shop again... for something for me. The store is awesome, but I didn't find a few things I was looking for. It's weird because I wonder how the people that work there look at me, like I am a weirdo or something, but then again, I have to consider that they WORK there. I guess they probably don't care. I wonder... do they experiment? Do they try new things? Do they shop there? What type of stuff have they bought? I guess the other thing I worry about is running into someone I know in there. That would be AWKWARD! I am a rather quiet, straight-laced, business professional who is raising her child and going back to school. I don't think there is anyone (except maybe one or two people) who would have any thoughts or inklings that I shop at an adult toy store and have many books, DVDs, and toys tucked away. Yes, yes I do...

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