Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is this wrong?

Is it wrong to imagine being bound and fucked? Is it wrong to want someone to bind my wrists and ankles and do me with toys? Is it wrong to sit here in front of the computer and feel my pussy starting to drip? How about sitting here, with a vibrating bullet pressed against my clit, as I play with the remote... making me dance in my chair, the feeling teasing me, wanting to explode... I can't help myself but having clitoral o's excite me... I feel euphoric... it excites me so much and makes me so horny. It this all wrong, or is it okay to enjoy this type of turn on? Are sex toys wrong? Are videos wrong? Is this wrong????

I want to sit here, at my desk, feeling your face between my legs, licking my pussy, making me moan softly, as you hold my legs open and play. I can't type because I can't concentrate with you licking me. This all turns me on...

I just want to know... Is this all wrong?

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