Saturday, November 26, 2011

It has been so long since I felt this way

(I remember when I wrote this and how you made me feel... I wanted to share this from my old site. Enjoy)

It's been so long, actually forever, since I have felt such a rush that you gave me.

I walk in and you hug me, and tell me how badly you want to kiss me. The feeling of your kisses makes my knees buckle and my heart race. The feeling of your arms pulling me close makes me feel so good. Your hands move over my back, down my ass, down my legs, and then back up under my skirt.

I can't help but feel the excitement as you touch me. Your kisses grow passionate as I can feel your body pressing against mine, hungry, wanting.

I don't want you to let go, I don't want you to stop. I want to keep this feeling.

Before I know it, your hand is on my thigh, your fingers so strong, your hand so warm, tingles rush through my body as you touch me. I close my eyes and enjoy every moment. I want to keep tbis feeling.

I feel your hands caress my chest, fondling me, touching me. I remove my bra and you touch me so tender, lowering your face to me, touching me with your tongue, caressing me with your mouth. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling.

I can't believe how you make me feel... how comfortable I am... how much I want you to keep this going... how much further I want to go with this.

I find your package and you are so hard, so firm, so hungry. I can feel your longing as I feel your body dampess calling my name. Oh baby, it excites me, it turns me on, to know that I do this to you.

Together we share, our bodies, our desires, our excitement, as we lay back togeter, skin on skin. I let my hands touch you and listen to you moan softly. You like this? I run my fingers over you and hear you gasp. Do you want more? I do baby, I do.

I slide down and let my hands move along, letting my kisses and tongue lead the way. You moan softly as I touch you, with my hands, caress you with my tongue, massage you with my lips.

I want you to feel just as excited as I feel... I want to make you feel just as energized as you make me.

I love how you make me feel and want to feel more of this.

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