Saturday, November 26, 2011

One of my first blog posts (04.06.08)

I have finally decided to brave the world of the adult toy store. Wow, what an experience. I can't believe the amount of toys and gadgets, and all the stuff they have out there.

It's incredible to think about what is there. As I walked through the store, I was in awe, almost in shock, yet in a world of excitement. A world that seemed to make my breathing grow fast and heavy. Is that right?

I have to admit that I am not even sure what most of the toys are for, or what they do, but I guess I can always try and find out.

I like looking at the vibrators and the plugs. All different shapes and sizes, waterproof, high-speed. You name it, it might be there in front of me.

Am I naive? Am I that much of a virgin? I don't know. I want to know, but I am so unsure.

I turn the corner and there are so many things for being tied up... or is it tied down? Collars and cuffs. Handcuffs and rope. Blindfolds and ball-gags. Chains and leather. Clamps with bells, beads, and weights, for tits, clits and even for the cocks. I can't imagine how you would even clip something "down there"...

Looking at these "jewelry" as they are referred to, make my pussy start to throb. Is that right? Is it wrong to want to buy these toys and feel them? Thre is a collar with chains that hook to nipples.

All of the store was so overwhelming, even slightly exciting, and extremely erotic. Is this right?

Is it okay if I go back? Can I buy these things and not feel guilty? Is this part of human nature?

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