Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Little Secret

I walk in the apartment and find you alone, sitting on the couch, wearing only your lace lingerie.

My breath catches in my throat, as I close the door behind me, locking it and putting on the chain. I head to you, as you look up with a smile and motion for me to come closer.

I drop my purse and keys on the floor and kick off my shoes. As I get closer, you stand and offer me a glass of wine. I can tell you have already started the party without me, but it doesn't matter. The blinds are closed, the candles are lit, and it's just us. I smile as I take the glass and take a sip.

I watch as you reach down and unbutton my blouse, letting the fabric fall open and expose my satin bra. Your warm hands move inside and touch my skin, sending goosebumps along my flesh. I continue to hold my glass, as I watch you.

You smile at me, comforting, as you take my glass from my hand and take a sip. You set the glass on the table and then lean in to kiss me, filling my mouth with the wine we share. My heart starts to race as you kiss me. I rest my hands on my hips as you hold my face in your hands and take the lead in this moment of heat.

You pull back and smile at me. I smile back, confused, yet excited. You slide my blouse from my arms and toss it on the floor. We stand there, in the dancing candle light, just the two of us, You take my hands and raise them to your lips, sliding several of my fingers into your mouth. I can feel you suck them gently, as if feeding. I close my eyes and moan softly, as you caress me with your tongue and your lips tighten on me.

I feel your hands move and then touch my waist. You slowly unbutton the front of my jeans and unzip them.

Yes, please, take them off, I tell you, quietly. You bring my fingers back to my out mouth, where I slide them in and suck on my own fingers, tasting you, tasting the wine. Your hands move down my sides and take the band of my jeans in your fingers and slide my pants down, your hands moving along my thighs, downward.

I open my eyes and watch you, as I feel your warm breath on my legs, as you kneel before me, your tongue running along my flesh, up toward my body.

Oh yes baby, you smell so sweet, so hungry, so excited, you whisper, as you plant a tiny kiss on the front of my satin thong. I let out a gasp.

You look up at me and smile... I know this isn't the end of this... you are going to take me further... please, take me further...

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