Monday, December 26, 2011

Oral Sex

Is it wrong to enjoy oral sex?
It is naughty to enjoy it?
I love to hear you moan softly as I go down on you, my tongue tracing your body, my lips caressing you. You quietly lay there as I hold you in my hands, as my lips kiss your balls. I can smell your body. You smell so good.
I love to make you feel good, but I also love to feel good.
I kneel on the bed, holding firm to the headboard, as you lay beneath me, your hands on my hips. I feel your hot breath on my body, I can feel my own body dancing with excitement. You pull my hips down and I feel your face against my cunt. Your teeth grab my flesh, causing me to howl. You nibble harder. I cry louder. Your hands tighten on my hips as you bury your face deeper, I feel your tongue thrust inside me. You fuck me with your tongue as you hold me firm. You then grab my clit and suck, pulling and feeding. I can feel my body starting to rush. "Oooooooooooooo" I scream, as I feel my body building. You continue to feed on me, as my hips dance in your hands. I am ready to cum. You bury your face even deeper, as my hips starts to thrust. I can feel my body explode. I can feel you drinking of my juices. Your face still buried in me. My body quivers, as your hands hold me tight. I am suddenly exhausted. You pull away slightly and say "thank you baby" as you lay my body back on the bed and rest between my legs, licking my kitty clean, and kissing me tenderly. I smile softly as I watch you. You then slide up to me and slide your cock deep inside my soaking pussy. You kiss me passionately, feeding me my own sex, as you slowly slide in and out. It doesn't take long, as the oral sex made you hard and loaded. You get up on your hands and start to pump, your body slapping against mine, as I hold firm to the rungs of the headboard above me. I wrap my legs around your hips as I feel you dive deep inside and feel your gun unload inside me. I tighten my body around you as you moan and thrust, filling me full of your love.

Oh yes, this is the way to go... we both collapse to the wet sheets, our bodies covered in sweat, your head on my chest. I pull the sheet over us and we both drift off to sleep, in a loving embrace.

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