Monday, January 16, 2012

I imagine us - part 3

Ally and I sit on the couch, in the dimly-lit room, working our way through the bottle of red wine on the table.

"music or movie?" she asks, placing her hand on my thigh.

"music is fine," I respond, lost in the depth of what is around me.

The room is lit with many candles and I can tell that she has spent much time furnishing her place with furniture and art. As she gets up to turn on the music, I excuse myself to the bathroom down the hall.

It isn't long and I return to the warm livingroom. Ally is already seated on the couch, she is sipping her wine and has brought over a second bottle. We are both starting to feel the effects of the wine on very little food. On the table, there is also some cheese and crackers. "I figured we could use some food," she says, as I sit down beside her and pick up my wine glass. As I take a sip, she reaches for a piece of cheese.

She brings it to my lips and feeds me the small square. I smile and take it from her fingers, in my teeth.

We are both getting giddy from the alcohol, but it all feels so right, so natural. Neither of us say much, we just let our feelings lead the way. Tonight is an adventure for me, something new.

This time I feed her a small piece of cheese, she guides my hand as she takes it from me, in her mouth, and then slowly slides her lips over my fingers, sucking on them. A rush fills me. I don't pull away, I just let her continue.

As we continue to drink our wine, opening the second bottle, and feeding each other bits of cheese, we are soon very relaxed and comfortable.

"Do you want to share some more?" Ally asks, her hand on my thigh, just at the bottom of my skirt. With all that has transpired tonight, she has been very polite and has not forced me to do anything I didn't want to. She also hasn't moved on me without asking.

"Yes," I tell her, with a smile. I can feel the alcohol inhibiting me, but I was excited to be there.

Ally takes my hand and helps me stand, so we are face to face. She takes me in her arms and begins to kiss me again, so tenderly and lovingly. I feel myself melt into her as we continue to kiss, in the candle-lit room.

She holds me close and I can feel her body pressing against my own. Her kisses make me melt. I let my hands slide down her back and stop to rest on her ass.

It was getting late, my car was safe in her driveway, we had pretty much finished two bottles of wine, and my head was fuzzy, yet very clear.

"If you would like to spend the night, that would be fine. I don't want you driving home like this," she says to me, only inches from my face, between kisses.

I smile and nod at her. "Yes, I would like to stay," I tell her.

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