Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Stealing - 01.15.12

Sunday Stealing: The Never Ending Meme, Part Two

Cheers to all of us thieves!

21. Did you go to your high school prom? No, no prom, no homecoming...

22. Perfect time to wake up? 5:00 am

23. Perfect time to go to bed? 9:00 pm

24. Do you use your queen right away in chess? no

25. Ever been in a car accident? yes

26. Closer to mom or dad…or neither? I guess it would have been my dad

27. What age is this exciting life over for you? dunno

28. What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager? I don't know... that's a difficult question

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned? My high heeled black boots with laces

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school? Thankfully, NO

31. Were you in track and field? Yes, I did shotput & discus

32. Were you ever in a school talent show? No... no talent... sorry

33. Have you ever written in a library book? No...

34. Allergic to? Bees and my blood pressure medicine

35. Favorite fruit? kiwi

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  1. I just found your blog through Sunday Stealing, I must say it is... interesting.

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