Saturday, January 14, 2012

I imagine us

I imagine us together. We are working together and I notice the way you look at me. I love the smell of the cologne you are wearing and the dress you are wearing is so sexy. I can't help but notice your legs. I notice how the dress looks on you, how the snug skirt skims the smoothness of your round butt cheeks. I cannot tell if you are wearing a thong, or if you are commando. There are no lines. I don't know if you feel the same way, or if you have noticed how I am enamored with your sexual beauty.

As I am busy, you walk past me and I feel your hand brush against my own backside. I glance quickly and you smile at me. I smile back. I think you have noticed. The night moves on and we both keep busy, but I feel the bond between us getting closer. You frequently brush past me, touching me, teasing me. At one point, you are against the counter and I need to get something. I move toward you and press my body against your backside. "you smell so good" I whisper, before disappearing into the darkness.

The night moves on and we continue to work. I can feel you watching me. I know what is on my mind, but not sure about your own. Although I can feel your eyes watching me, the warmth of your gaze. The night finally comes to an end. The two of us are left alone, to clean up from the night's events. It is then that we have our encounter and I know how you feel.

I walk into the storage closet to put some items away and you follow me. I hear the door close behind you and, in the dim light, you approach me. I turn to face you, as you move in close and take my face in your hands. You begin to kiss me. At first, I am caught off guard, as this is not something I do. "relax" you tell me, kissing me again. I rest my hands on your hips as you run your fingers through my hair. You press your body against mine, as you back me against the wall. "just do what you feel comfortable with," you tell me, between kisses. "I want you to enjoy this, I know you want me and I want you. I want to make you feel good," as you take my face one more time and passionately kiss me, this time, filling my mouth with your tongue. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close, as I let you kiss me, letting my body give in to you, kissing you back, with all the passion I can muster. We remain engaged in our kiss for what seems like forever. You pull back from me, smile, and say "we had better get this cleaned up before we finish what we just started," as you take my hand and lead me out into the larger room.

My body is flushed, my heart is pounding, my head is spinning. That was incredible. I never imagined, but I would love to learn more.

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