Saturday, October 4, 2014

TMI Tuesday ( a few days late) September 30, 2014

1. What do you collect? Not many things....
2. What do you do for fun? I run/walk in scenic areas, quality me-time.
3. Name a place that’s fun for you to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. Chicago is cool, lots of neat places, but would not want to live there.
4. Do you believe in revenge? Depends... on what you did and who you did it to.
5. Do you believe in forgiveness and do you forgive and forget? I will forgive, but I will never forget.
6. Are you religious? spiritual? Atheist? I have a religion and I go to church. I am not really religious... I'm more spiritual.
Bonus: What’s your routine every night just before you go to sleep? Hot bubble bath with candles, watch some tv, and fall asleep to my music.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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